Abyss within Abyss

Abyss within Abyss

Abyss enfolds a great abyss.

Primordial waters wind the breath of life in it.

A voice that sees cries out with all its heart

To drink, to grow, to cheer.

A voice from womb flesh inside the womb


I hoped a hope.

Abyss cries – Lord

Don’t prejudice.

Let the gates close in a little bit,

Let the window open but not yet.

Don’t turn to the manifest

Let it rise

Let me rise a little bit.

I hoped a hope.

Contraction calls to open,

Winds about a cord, cuts off a breath,

Lops off a bleat.

Abyss bows within abyss.

Great is the weeping of fertilization stilled.

Abyss cast off within abyss

Aborts itself among the waves,

The broken screens,

Uprooted dreams, the hopes that speak.

Abyss alone still leaks.

I hoped a hope.

Translated by: Atar Hadari

Read Hebrew version: תהום בתוך תהום


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