When you said, You didn’t tell

When you said, In sorrow you’ll bring forth children

You didn’t tell

How you can split with joy

To be a channel into the world

To overflow and grow with heart’s ease.

When you said, He shall rule over you

You didn’t tell

That rule was also given to babes

Who tread the days

And the cleaving of one flesh

That is all honeycomb.

When you said, It is not good for man to be alone

You didn’t count

The couples expecting

And not yet ruled

To be alone together, in the agony of a hollow womb

Waiting to be given acronyms

So they become a Dad and Mum.

And when you said, A help meet for him

You didn’t tell

That the day had already come

And familiar delight

Stirs heavy joints

Even before sunrise

Only to (breast) feed

And revive.

Translated by Atar Hadari

Read Hebrew version: כשאמרת, לא סיפרת

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