Sabbath Eve, Just Before the Year 2000


  Homage to Benny Lehman z"l

Tonight it’ll happen, you say,

Prophecies will be fulfilled,

Anticipated anger will sabotage and render

Proof – we do not have all we desired,

Will change the hour as it wanes,

The moon rise

And soul concave.

Tonight, it’ll happen, you say

The hopes will smithereen,

People are already counting backward

Under the window beneath our land

And we

Are waiting for the race that will start.

How we’ll stand before the haze of morning and recount

We were afraid this night

Of all nights

Of all days

When we reckoned that we did not suffice,

That we rush and murmur

And lose in an instant

The concentration and eye always open.

It happens, I say

Tonight it’s been revealed

That we have everything that we desired here

And we too are already backwardly counting.

Translated by: Atar Hadari

Read Hebrew version: ערב שבת עם בוא שנת אלפיים בדיוק


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