If you’re going to pay city taxes

At least find a see-saw,

Stand in line beside the girls

With ponytails and wait

For moments of magic when you dislocate

For the ground

Touching heaven

Streeting a skirt

Into new flight.

Let there be a giraffe

Lofty and constantly watching,

Slightly faded from the clutch of children over the years,

Let there be a cat that luxuriates in the sunshine

And a dog whose droppings are gathered up,

Berries from a tree that land in the yoghurt cup

And the pandemonium should stop.

To store up a treasure hidden to other eyes

When the slide stars in its soft style

To be drenched in the colours of smart cries

When the park children cluster

Let there be a fountain that makes you bend

And requires a rest for the frog of stone in the glade.

If there’s going to be city taxes

Then to warm in the flashing secret of celebrations

Right outside your house.

Published in Mashiv HaRuach  29. vl.

Translated by: Atar Hadari

Read Hebrew Version: אוצר סמוי

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