Knowledge you want, I want quiet.

Now it’s my turn to pound

Torah into you

And words that commit you wholehearted

To the path I will propound.

Hear the truth from whoever told it

And that’s me – your teacher,

Here before you and what I demand

Is to step back a little from yourself,

Change your tack

And welcome the great illumination

Of knowledge according to my path,

Religion according to my approach

Along the lines acceptable to people

Who walk along together in the same furrow

And that other cry within you


Forget all the storeys of thought

And deducing deductions

That are dangerous

For know just this

Every year we have another girl like that

With problematic nail varnish,

Violet hair

And rock’n’roll on her blouse

Who imagines she’ll be able to remain

In the independent pasture for all time

To graze in learning,

To see the mind

And after a few years

The lightning in her’s gone somewhere

And the simple sound of the collective

Beats out of her mouth

And my justice is with us

To our satisfaction.


Translated by: Atar Hadari

Read Hebrew version: המורה

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