An Uneasy Man Seeks a Bond with God

Franz Rosenzweig died young. His mid-twenties marked the apex of his life without him realizing that it was half spent. Jewish philosophy is studded with figures whose life spanned less than Rosenzweig's 43 years but whose name shined bright and far, both during their life and after their death. By contrast, Rosenzweig remained an enigma... להמשיך לקרוא ←

A Mikve of Your Own

Some women sing Chassidic tunes or Yom Kippur prayers, some write a personal prayer or learn Torah just as they enter the water. As part of the decision to live a life of Torah and Mitzvot and keep the laws of purification in the mikve, the decision of what this means to each woman, is no less important than the actual tevilla itself. ערכת עיצוב: Baskerville 2 של Anders Noren.

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