Nice to meet you

My name is Sarah Segal-Katz.

שרה סגל-כץ

I am a halachic mentor.

I am a graduate of several halachic programs:

I am qualified by Beit Morasha’s Women’s Halacha Program,

I have graduated from Yeshivat Maale Giboa’s Halachic Kollel for Women,

And I am a fellow at the Har-El Beit Midrash.

I respond to questions in Halacha, mainly regarding marital relations and family purity.

I am a graduate of the Revivim program, hold an MA in Jewish Thought from The Department of Jewish Thought at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I lecture on sexuality and Halacha at the Yahel Center.

I am a Kallah teacher [teaching the laws of family purity and other intimacy-related topics] and counsel couples to maintain a healthy intimate relationship. I mentor single women on dating, as well as on the conflict between sexuality and Halacha. I also mentor workshops on healthy sexuality.

I volunteer as a mikve lady in various Advot group and  a co-moderator of Advot Faceook page.

I am a co-moderator of a (closed) Facebook group, titled Tovlot B’Nachat.

I am active in Kolech – a forum for religious women on issues of halacha, where I volunteer as a coordinator for calls from women who suffered sexual abuse.

I write and publish poetry, prose and essays.

I lecture in Jewish Thought (formerly at Alma – for Center Jewish Culture). I counsel writing workshops (formerly at The Secular Yeshiva in Jerusalem), as well as advanced-level groups.

I host cultural evenings in various settings (formerly at Beit Hillel and Mashiv Haruach, and currently at Beit Avi Chai).

I am married, a mother of three children and I live in Jerusalem.

On this site I will post texts that I wove during various periods in my life and on different stages. I will also include new texts.

I invite you all to read the essays, poems and stories that I am posting on this wall.

If you want to receive updates on my site, register at the bottom of this page to receive emails.

*Read the Hebrew version: נעים להכיר…

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