Nice to meet you

My name is Sarah Segal-Katz.

שרה סגל-כץ

I am a halachic mentor.

I am a graduate of several halachic programs:

I am qualified by Beit Morasha’s Women’s Halacha Program,

I have graduated from Yeshivat Maale Giboa’s Halachic Kollel for Women,

And I am a fellow at the Har-El Beit Midrash.

I respond to questions in Halacha, mainly regarding marital relations and family purity.

I have worked for the past nine years at the Gluya Center that I founded, where I offer guidance as a Kallah teacher [teaching the laws of family purity and other intimacy-related topics] for young brides and couples to help them achieve a healthy physical relationship, as well as mentor single women and run workshops on healthy sexuality. I am available to women and couples who find themselves juggling the constraints of healthy couplehood and family, from an approach of connection and conflicts arising from the juxtaposition of feminism and Halacha.

I volunteer as a mikve lady in various Advot group and  a co-moderator of Advot Faceook page.

I am a co-moderator of a (closed) Facebook group, titled Tovlot B’Nachat.

I am a graduate of the Revivim program, hold an MA in Jewish Thought from The Department of Jewish Thought at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I lecture on sexuality and Halacha at the Yahel Center.

I am active in Kolech – a forum for religious women on issues of halacha, where I volunteer as a coordinator for calls from women who suffered sexual abuse.

I write and publish poetry, prose and essays.

I lecture in Jewish Thought (formerly at Alma – for Center Jewish Culture). I counsel writing workshops (formerly at The Secular Yeshiva in Jerusalem), as well as advanced-level groups.

I host cultural evenings in various settings (formerly at Beit Hillel and Mashiv Haruach, and currently at Beit Avi Chai).

I am married, a mother of three children and I live in Jerusalem.

On this site I will post texts that I wove during various periods in my life and on different stages. I will also include new texts.

You are warmly invited to read my articlespoems and stories in Herbrew.

Most of my site appears in English.  I invite you to read my articlespoems and stories.

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I would be very happy to meet you and hope that the content on this site interests you and encourages new thoughts.

*Read the Hebrew version: נעים להכיר…